Blaturi din piatră naturală

A decade of professionalism

Who we are and what we offer?

We are Art-Granit, a manufacturer and distributor of natural stone products.

We have been working in Romania since 2014, and at the same time we have accumulated 10 years of experience in the Republic of Moldova, where we have become the market leaders.

Our products include:

Столешницы из натурального камня Молдова

We process hundreds of stone models in different colors and shades, which we can design according to your needs.

What distinguishes us?

The experience we have gained over the last 10 years has taught us to offer the best QUALITY products.

Here are the 3 most important principles that we apply in our work so that you can be sure that you will make a good investment by ordering from our company:

  1. We produce in-house materials you need – in particular we manufacture the products you order, because in this way we can offer you the most suitable solutions.
  2. We import products from the best manufacturers – we want to make sure that the materials we use in our production are the very best to guarantee you the final result. We are the only distributors in the country for 11 leading companies in the USA, the European Union and Asia countries.
  3. The client is at the center of our concern – more precisely, we want the experience you get from us and our products to be as pleasant and valuable as possible. We are prompt, attentive, meet the demands and give advice when necessary.

That's why our concern for quality has positioned us as market leaders and trendsetters, innovators in the industry for over a decade.

Our international partners

We are the official representatives in Romania and the Republic of Moldova of 11 international companies, which are our exclusive partners and add value to our products.

Our advantages

  • We produce in-house – we control the quality of the products we manufacture
  • Over 10 years of experience in the market – you are guaranteed to get what you want
  • 5-10 years’ warranty – we guarantee the quality of our products and finishes, so your investment is safe
  • Promptitude – the client is at the center of our concern
  • Quality – resistance, durability, appearance
  • The best partners – we are the only distributors of the most influential manufacturers in the international market

Our advantages
Blaturi din piatră naturală
Own production
Blaturi din piatră naturală
10-year experience
Blaturi din piatră naturală
5-10 years warranty
Blaturi din piatră naturală
Professionalism and promptitude
Blaturi din piatră naturală
Superior quality
Blaturi din piatră naturală
Official importer

Our partners

We are official representatives in Romania and the Republic of Moldova of 11 international companies that are our exclusive partners and bring added value to our products.

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