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Floor tiling Made of stone

  • from 103 €/m2       from 10 days delivery       25 year warranty

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Granite is a material hardened by volcanic magma, making it the strongest diamond in the world. With the help of granite we can make long lasting finishes that can last over 10 years without special care.

Choosing a granite work, we invest in its durability and give a masculine and strong note to the space in which it will be integrated.

The feature that impresses in the range of granite slabs available for a project is the diversity of its texture, which is often unrepeatable, especially when exclusive models are chosen.


Tiles: 2050x700; 3000x900; 3000x1900.
Tiles thickness
20 mm and 30 mm.
Polished, Flamed.
- Construction of buildings and streets - Raising of buildings, monuments, paving streets, alleys, etc.
- Interior and exterior arrangements - Floors, kitchen countertops, sanitary ware, window sills, etc.
- Decorations - Sculptures, ornamental stones, decorative elements, luxurious granite slab finishes.

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Maximum hardness

The hardness level is very high, so the stone offers resistance to scratches, wear and mechanical impact.


Another notable feature is the increased resistance to environmental aggression, UV rays and abrasion. Granite is extremely resistant to stains, corrosive agents and weathering, the granite tiles seem to remain untouched. 


Granite allows invisible joints and is available in a variety of unique colors. Offers different sizes and thicknesses.

Easy maintenance

Easily maintained, all it takes is a soft washcloth, warm water and a little of commonly used detergent.

Ecological material

Granite is not radioactive at all and is therefore safe for any construction work.


An invincible material that incorporated the advantages of natural stone and the latest technologies. Ceramics meet all the technical specifications necessary for high-strength surfaces to materialize any interior and exterior design project.

Ceramics is the material that is always being reinvented. It is designed for use in a variety of applications. Due to its nature and technology, the ceramic surface maintains excellent resistance to stains as well as UV rays, allowing applications both indoors and outdoors, and together with the large format options it offers unlimited design possibilities.


→ Large format
Optimma format: 260x100cm
Large format slab: 320x144cm
New format for colors with white bases: up to 330x150cm
→ Other formats
 106x71cm; 142x106cm; 142x142cm; 142x71cm; 142x79cm; 159x142cm; 159x71cm; 71x71cm.
Tiles thickness
0.4 cm; 0.8 cm; 1.2 cm; 2 cm and 3 cm.
X-Gloss, Smooth matte, Velvet, Textured matte.
- Spaces with heavy traffic, commercial spaces, floors, do not require additional processing.
- Ventilated facades.
- Increased compressive strength makes it an ideal material for walkways, pavers or alleys.
- Countertops and edgebands, various thicknesses, which allow exclusive finishes.
- Interior steps and exterior steps.
- Wall covering.

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Increased resistance

Its resists everything. Extremely resistant to scratches, mechanical shocks, extreme temperatures, UV rays, stains and aggressive chemicals.

Easy maintenance

It is easy to maintain and does not require special solutions. Ceramics is a non-porous material and therefore resistant to stains, mold and bacteria. Resistance to these factors means that it is easy to clean.

Infinite Possibilities

Ceramics are adaptable and versatile for any space. It offers a variety of custom sizes and thicknesses to meet the functional and creative needs of the designer in any interior or exterior project, no matter how complex. It also has a variety of colors.

Extraordinary design

Design your project with eye-catching colors and unique textures. Ceramic is a very pleasant to the touch and very beautiful material.


Up to 25 year warranty


Marble is associated with refinement and luxury. One of the peculiarities of marble is that it has a fine and airy appearance, despite its very heavy weight.

The diversity of textures and colors of this material allows you to select the right model for any interior.

Marble products are chosen by people who do not hesitate to experiment and appreciate the personality of the spaces.


Tiles: 1800x1550; 2700x1400; 3000x1600.
Tiles thickness
20 mm and 30 mm.
- Building material for interiors / exteriors (exterior cladding, marble flooring).
- Decorating element in interior design (tables, kitchen and bathroom countertops, sculptures, decorations).
In all its chromatic varieties, it fits:
• In environments where elegant and sophisticated style predominates;
• In imposing spaces, of public or private interest.

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Impeccable aesthetics

Marble is a versatile material, available in many colors, patterns, sizes and textures, which is why it will be very easy for you to find the best solution for your project.

Resistance and durability

Marble is a material with increased resistance to environmental factors, wear, mechanical impact, UV rays and moisture. Wth careful use, marble keeps its structure for any length of time.

Easy maintenance

Easily maintained, all it takes is a soft washcloth, warm water and a little of commonly used detergent.

Ecological material

One of the biggest trends of the year is the construction of sustainable houses, as environmentally friendly as possible. Well, if you are a caring person, this means that natural stone work is a perfect choice for you because it is a natural material.

Anti-mold properties

One of the most well-known properties of marble is that it does not allow bacteria to grow as much as synthetic materials.

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Floor tiling from Black Galaxy granite

Granite is a classic natural stone with a beauty defined by its unique opulent texture. The consistent color variation of granite gives a feeling of more space and a touch of dynamism. Additional features include outstanding hardness and durability.

Black Galaxy Granite hides an entire universe beneath its texture, the most amazing of its kind. By its daring black color, overflowing with a special glow thanks to the polished finish, you obtain a refined space, with a touch of exquisite elegance and durability. As a result, you are granted the freedom to create a new universe in your home.

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