Exterior natural stone cladding

Why clad exterior walls with natural stone?

A house with exterior natural stone cladding has two main features: it is resistant and looks better. Of course, if the finishing is done well and the materials are of high quality.

Here are 4 main qualities of natural stone that you can also take advantage of if choosing our products.

  • Durability – natural stone is not subject to wear and tear. Therefore, exterior natural stone cladding has an attractive appearance even after 10, 20 years, and the facade does not deteriorate
  • The surface is rough, non-slip – cladding is more resistant to bad weather
  • Enables moisture accumulated on the glass to drain out – prevents mold growth and corrosion, which can damage the facade
  • Natural look – natural stone cladding facade blends more easily with the landscape, giving your building a more elegant look.

What you need to know when you want to decorate outside walls

Marble is the most sought-after exterior cladding material, but there is one detail for you to consider. White marble is NOT resistant to high temperature fluctuations, therefore we recommend using gray marble.

We use gray marble for exterior cladding works because this material is more resistant and more easily adaptable to temperature changes.

Types of works or products for outside walls

Here is a selection of products or works that we can offer you to order. Tell us what you want and we will help bring your idea to life.