We work with the best materials so we can offer you a quality finishing

Natural stone products

Our products are mainly made from natural stone – a versatile and durable material that you can choose for different types of finishes.

Below, we will describe the three types of stone that we use in our works, and the advantages that you get by ordering products made from these materials.


Granite is a material hardened by volcanic magma, making it the toughest diamond in the world.

With granite, we can make a durable finish that can last over 10 years without special maintenance.

We use granite for wall cladding, window sills and products suitable for the interior.


One of the characteristics of marble is that it has a fine and airy appearance, despite its very heavy weight.

We use marble for elegant products and exquisite interior decoration.

With marble, we add a touch of distinction to the interior design.


Quartz is distinguished by its varied texture and strength, not lower than marble and granite.

We use quartz when manufacturing restaurant countertops or cladding the walls precisely because the variety of shades and textures leaves us room for many options.

Types of natural stone orders

All three main materials, granite, marble and quartz, can also be used for less standard orders.

Here are the types of finishes or products that we manufacture from natural stone that you can order from us:

Composite stone products

Products made from natural stone are the most recommended in terms of appearance and strength. However, it is important to know that surfaces stay cool to the touch, regardless of the temperature in the room.

COMPOSITE stone is a good option if you do not want to feel discomfort to the touch and want the finishing you have in your room be adjusted to room temperature.

Composite stone is more affordable, heated up to room temperature and can be shaped with ease.