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Natural stone solutions for interiors

Why do we use natural stone in interior decor?

Natural stone is:


Natural stone materials are resistant, and the products we manufacture do not deteriorate over time.

Precisely because natural stone is durable, the works we carry out give a guarantee of over 5 years.


The finishing we make does not require a lot of material. Therefore, the products you order from us are environmentally friendly.

Moreover, the finishing we make bring to your space a fresh, rustic look.


Elements made from natural stone do not absorb liquids, therefore they do not deteriorate over time.


The products that you order for the interior have an appearance that conveys elegance, sophistication and significantly improves the quality of the space you want to fit out.

Diverse in shapes and textures

The great advantage of natural stone is that it comes in a very wide variety of shapes and textures.

Our company Art-Granit offers you consultation at all stages of construction: from the moment you place your order to the moment you start using the product you requested.

We help you make the most of all the advantages of natural stone.

Types of products

Below we present some of the products we make from natural stone and the most important benefits for you.

  • Granite floors
  • Marble tables
  • Granite bar counters
  • Window sills
  • Quartz bathroom countertops  
  • Indoor staircase
  • Fireplace

Regardless of which product you choose, we guarantee you the following advantages:

Long service life – our finishing last for decades without changing their appearance or requiring maintenance works.

Waterproof materials – the countertops and plywood we manufacture are waterproof and won't be damaged. This is a great advantage for bathroom countertops, kitchen or restaurant that are subject to heavy condensation and water leaks.

Resistance – we manufacture products resistant to scratches, cracks and other types of damage.

Carefully executed finishing – we pay attention to detail and do not miss anything J

Check out the list below for our selection of bespoke products and fitting out works we perform in marble, quartz, granite and composite stone: