How to protect your countertop from the challenge of the winter holidays

The winter holiday season really can be "the most beautiful time of the year". It is the season of meetings with family, with friends, with people dear to the soul. However, with the holidays approaching, in all the hustle and bustle, you can forget to take care of your kitchen counter. Let's admit that we, the housewives, think first of all about the menu for the holiday table, the shopping list, and we don't always have time to pay enough attention to the surface on which we will cook - the kitchen counter.

Here are three tips to protect your countertops over the winter holidays, whether you have granite, marble or quartz:

  • Use a chopper

The chopper is the most useful kitchen accessory that makes a huge difference when used during the holidays. It will protect your kitchen counter from knife scratches while you prepare the Beouf salad. Also, using the chopper is a protective factor not only for the worktop, but also for the knife you are using.

  • Use care products

When all the presents have been unwrapped and the holidays are over, it's important to wipe down the counter with a special cleaner designed for the material it's made of. For each type of stone, a specific product is intended for its care. In the case of kitchen countertops, the most used type of stone is quartz. We recommend using the quartz care set, intended for cleaning, protection and care of the surface. 

  • Use anti-thermal supports

It is extremely important to pay attention to the temperature of pots, pans, trays fresh from the oven, when you put them on the counter. Although our countertops are properly processed to withstand any mechanical or thermal shock, we still recommend the use of anti-thermal supports to create an additional level of protection. For those who have a quartz kitchen worktop, the anti-thermal support is crucial to keep the worktop intact, as quartz is resistant to temperatures up to 100 C. If you do not heed this important recommendation, you risk damaging your worktop .

For further consultation regarding your kitchen worktop, you can contact us anytime and our consultants will help you to solve any problem that arises.


We wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

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