New collection Dekton Onirika

Materials of the future now available for pre-order.

The new Dekton Onirika Collection inspired by the latest trends in the world of design. There are a few things to consider if you are planning interior changes or renovations. The latest trends in the world of design tell us that the emphasis will be on solid color shades, or with minimalist prints and matte surfaces.

Solid shades with a matte surface that will perfectly suit minimalist and airy interiors.

Texture with painted and velvety effect, created especially for a visual effect that the eye enjoys in nature. Thus, shades such as Argentium, Nacre or Micron are created by special technology developed by the Spanish group Cosentino, to bring nature home, and not only in appearance, but also as a tactile sensation. When you touch the Umber shade, you will feel the structure of the clay in your palm. We recommend that you pay attention to the solid shades of the Dekton Onirika collection if you plan to renovate your kitchen countertop or backsplash, you need bathroom cladding or bathroom countertops, even for exterior works such as: cladding facades, or ventilated facades and stairs.

A series of shades inspired by the aspects of natural stone.

With fine winds and smoth matte finish, are designed for those who appreciate the uniqueness of the chromatic created by nature, but want infinite surfaces for countertops, table tops, or steps. Uncompromising, natural material, the ultra-compact Dekton stone is based only on natural materials, and does not contain adhesives, created by pressing. But with properties clearly superior to materials found in nature, color stability (the shade does not differ from plate to plate), Extra Large dimensions of the plates and increased strength.

We invite you to discover the entire Dekton Onirika collection designed for boundless interiors.

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