The refinement and elegance of marble

We all know that one of the most used building materials in history is natural stone. But not any natural stone, especially marble. Among the most famous buildings equipped with marble are the Palace of Versailles, the obelisk in Washington and the Pantheon in Rome.

Marble – a natural material of great value, has recently established itself more and more as an inevitable trend in interior design, bringing a sense of elegance and sophistication. The versatility of marble makes it very visible in interior design: floors, walls, tables, consoles, kitchen and bathroom countertops, coffee tables, even accessories.

Marble is a metamorphic rock, made up of calcium carbonate and natural impurities arranged in layers, which make up its unique veining. Over time, these natural impurities can move under the influence of external factors (temperature, pressure), which causes the marble to change its appearance. That is why marble is also called a living stone.

The reason why marble remains a material so often used in construction and for luxury finishes derives from its characteristics: impeccable aesthetics, resistance, durability and versatility. The durability of this metamorphic rock refers to its resistance to chemical, physical, mechanical agents , organic and atmospheric. Marble is endowed with a low refractive index, which means that light beams can penetrate the structure of the stone, giving it an individualized brightness. Thus, the environments in which they are mounted, seem permanently enveloped in a glow of a story. At the same time, the delicacy of the colors and the diversity of veins give marble value. Value that ranks it in the top of preferences in terms of arranging any type of surface.

Having said that, we recommend that before planning any repair work, both interior and exterior, that you do your research very well about the materials you want to use, and we provide you with our team of natural stone experts , to make the choice easier.

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