UTM Presentation

Art Granit Company recently participated in an event at the Technical University of the Republic of Moldova. Olesea Mihalachi, our Showroom Manager, gave a speech about the new generation of stone and their use. 

  • What is Silestone?
  • Integrity sinks
  • What is Dekton?
  • Art Granite projects

We are extremely pleased to have given a speech to future architects, planners and designers looking for solutions and inspiration for their projects. 

Art Granit exhibited complex solutions for commercial projects (ventilated facades, terraces and steps, receptions etc)

Stone is our area of expertise, so we also put into discussion the complexity of the projects we are working on.

In addition to all these aspects, we also discussed the technical side, such as N BOOST technology, HYBRIQ+ , Silestone and Dekton collections etc. 

As mentioned in the presentation, we are looking forward to welcoming you in our Showroom to show you our collections and materials in stock.

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