Winter - the perfect season for interior work

Winter always brings the magic of the holidays and a mood of joy in the air that you can feel in all the hustle and bustle of the city. It's the season of carols, of gifts, it's the perfect time to stay at home with your loved ones!

In addition to the magical moments that are winter, some prefer to dedicate this time of the year to refreshing or repairing the home. And they are right! Any home, no matter how well built, sooner or later needs renovation work. That's exactly why it's good to plan in advance and organize yourself so that you can do everything you set out to do during these 3 months of winter.

Here are the advantages of interior works, Art Granit brand, in winter:

1. Costs of consumables for repair are lower

Yes! Even if you find this fact hard to believe, it is true. In the cold period of the year, the prices of construction materials decrease, because they are not as relevant as in the summer. Another reason for the drop in prices is that November - December is the period of discounts, stock liquidations, Black Friday and you can get the products you need at very convenient prices.

2. The repair is cheaper

Teams of specialists in this field confirm this moment. In the summer the price increases due to their overload, but in the winter, considered a quiet season, the cost of the services they provide is about 25%, and more, lower.

3. Winter promotions at Art Granit

This aspect is no secret, that in the winter Art Granit meets customers and organizes stock liquidations of the existing raw material. You can check our website under the Promotions section to see current promotions and, why not, think about a job we can do.

Next, I propose some works that can be done in winter in your home:

  • Changing the pale kitchen top to one made of quartz, granite or ceramic;
  • Renewal of the bathroom counter;
  • Wall cladding;
  • Installation of the shutters;
  • Changing the old stainless steel sink to one made of natural stone;
  • Adding the island to your kitchen;
  • Floor tiling.

Repairing in the cold period of the year also has disadvantages, such as low temperatures, high humidity, shorter days, insufficient stock for some materials

As you can see, winter repairs have their advantages and disadvantages, like any other complex and multi-stage process. Whether to make repairs in the winter or wait until the summer, of course, depends on you, and the arguments given by us will help you make the right choice in the process of planning the renovation of your apartment in the city.


We are waiting for you every day in our showroom to offer you the most suitable solutions for your project!

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