What are cookies?

Cookies are a tool used by most sites. These are small texts that a site places on the device that you use, either a computer or a mobile phone, and saves them in the browser. This is done to memorize, for a period of time, your basic preferences as a site user, for example the language, username, etc., thus facilitating your access and browsing.

You are free to choose to accept or reject cookies. 

What are cookies useful for?

First of all, the use of cookies ensures the proper operation of the site. Also, this tool enables us to store your preferences as a user, then offer you, through online advertising, suggestions for products and services similar to those you have shown interest in. At the same time, through cookies we collect analytical data regarding your browsing on our site. Having been analyzed later, these data enable us to self-evaluate and take into account user preferences.

We would like to mention that this information does not identify you physically and does not imply the collection of your personal data. The operating system only collects only the behavior through browser data. Also, the acceptance of cookies on our site does not allow us to have access to your behavior on other sites, it relates exclusively to our online platform.

We also use cookies to ensure the authentication procedure, and technical cookies for computer systems.

If you have accepted cookies and then decide to change the option, you can manage/delete them at any time. The steps are described on the information site https://www.aboutcookies.org/.

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