Dekton is a new ultra-compact surface created by the innovative combination of over 20 natural minerals. A material with unique properties and unlimited possibilities - an improved version of natural stone.
• Tiles dimensions: → Large format (Optimma format: 260x100cm, Large format slab: 320x144cm), → Other formats (106x71cm; 142x106cm; 142x142cm; 142x71cm; 142x79cm; 159x142cm; 159x71cm; 71x71cm).
• Tiles thickness: 0.8 cm; 1.2 cm; 2 cm
• Textures: Smooth matte
• Applications: Heavy traffic spaces, commercial spaces, floors, walkways, pavers or alleys; Ventilated facades and wall cladding; Countertops and edgebands; Interior steps and exterior steps.
• Advantages: → Water-repellent material. Zero porosity. Does not absorb liquid.
→ Increased resistance. Dekton is extremely resistant to scratches, stains, UV rays, mechanical shocks, abrasion, freeze-thaw. 
→ Fireproof material. Dekton can withstand the highest temperatures without burns or cracks.
→ Easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. It is easy to maintain and does not require special solutions.
→ Infinite possibilities. Dekton is adaptable and versatile for any space. It offers a variety of custom colors, sizes and thicknesses.

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