Negro Angola

Premium granite from Brazil, Branco Alpinus shade. It is distinguished by quartz rock inserts, with polished finish with mirroring effect. Mostly warm cream to pale pink, crossed by brown pigment. It impresses with its chromatic and unique print. Perfect for wall coverings or countertops.
• Tiles dimensions: 324*194 cm
• Tiles thickness: 3.0 cm
• Textures: Polished
• Applications: Recommended indoors for countertops, wall coverings, table tops, edgebands and islands. Granite, due to its strength specifications, can be used for flooring, or for exterior work.
• Advantages: → Increased resistance. The hardness level is very high, the stone offers resistance to scratches, wear and mechanical impact. It is resistant to high temperatures, so freshly removed dishes can be placed directly on the counter.
→ Beauty. Granite allows invisible joints and is available in a range of unique colors and textures. Offers different sizes and thicknesses.


Melting point 1215 – 1260° C
Scratch resistance 7.5
Porosity Slightly porous
Natural fractures and cracks There are few
Combination Slightly visible
Dimensions of the plate 2050*700; 3000*900; 3000*1900
Available thicknesses, mm 20; 30

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