Senda Gris Natural

Inalco is all about innovation, exclusiveness, elegance and emotions. Its MDi surfaces (Minerals, Design, Innovation) represent a new discovery for the world of architecture and interior design. Using nature as a source of inspiration, Inalco creates sustainable products by selecting the best minerals andspeeding the natural lithogenic cycle, thanks to an innovative production process. Using a unique process, the same design can be applied to the surface and throughout the whole body of the slab, guaranteeing with a high added value.
• Tiles dimensions: 160*320 cm
• Tiles thickness: 0.6 cm
• Textures: Natural
• Applications: The material is used both indoors and outdoors (ventilated facades, wall cladding, flooring, stairs, countertops, etc.).
• Advantages: → Increased resistance. Inalco tiles are resistant to heat shock, impact, scratches and wear, the formation of acids and mold, are hygienic and do not absorb liquids.
→ Wonderful appearance. Inalco offers a wide range of colors, sizes and thicknesses.

Our partners

We are official representatives of international companies that are our exclusive partners and bring added value to our products.

Lemon Design Euphoria Mobexpert Dekton Silestone Technistone Lapitec ABK (Materia slabs) Infinity Italstone Inalco Laminam Koral Accesit Das interior Gardecor