Blaturi din piatră naturalăAvenue Business Centre

The beauty of a building can be defined from the outside, paying attention to the materials you choose to cover the facade. Natural stone is an ideal solution, being a versatile material that will suit any style adopted. When it comes to the outside, you need a very durable material, a material that can withstand the weather, be durable, and have low maintenance costs.

The Avenue block can't help but attract your attention with its architecture and good taste. Black Cosmic granite was used to cover the exterior walls. This is a unique type of black granite with small fragments of silver and gold rocks that are scattered throughout the slab area. It is the ideal material for cladding the exterior wall, because it will delight you with the resistance in time and a design that you rarely find.

The natural stone is unique and each piece is rich in textures and shades. Let's not forget that the thermal insulation of houses covered with natural stone is excellent. And protection against temperature fluctuations and moisture penetration is ensured.

You can admire the result of this ArtGranit project in the pictures below!

Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală