Blaturi din piatră naturalăDekton Entzo ceramics-made kitchen countertop, edgeband and island

Although Art Granit projects are very diverse, we have a special passion for kitchen design. This project is full of personality and reflects the lifestyle of the beneficiaries, their aspirations and values. They wanted a kitchen where family, friends and children could gather. A warm and comfortable space.

The kitchen is simple, but impactful. The owners opted for the "Entzo" ceramics from Dekton, a white, minimalist color, which offers them not only beauty, but also functionality. The shade of the countertop is very refined and can be easily combined with any model of kitchen furniture, classic or modern, and the final effect is spectacular.

Thanks to the innovative material we use, we offer our customers quality, creating a product that will serve them for a long time and that will keep its appearance unchanged. The stone is waterproof and resistant to aggressive detergents and oil-based substances. Even after prolonged use, no stains, scratches or cracks will appear on the surface of the countertop. At the same time, taking care of it is not an effort.

Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală