Blaturi din piatră naturalăSahara Noir ceramic-made kitchen countertop edgeband and island

Ceramics, especially Sahara Noir, is love at first sight. Customers made the kitchen countertop, edgeband and island from this material. Besides the fact that they have a very modern and sophisticated air, the ceramic works also offer the following advantages: they are extremely resistant to stress, they are hygienic and easy to maintain, they are fire resistant, which means that embers, ashes and others do not leave no trace of them.

Note: the quality of the joints between the parts, the beauty of the profile of the countertop and of the island, the assembly made accurately by our team.

We invite you in our showroom to tell us about the works you are planning, and we will offer you all the support from the choice of the material to the installation.

Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală