Blaturi din piatră naturalăSilestone Calacatta Classic quartz-made kitchen countertop, edgeband and island

When you create a project, the inspiration most often comes from the clients. We like to know our clients very well, to find out what they want even if they are not yet determined, so that in the end the space in which they feel best will result, whether it is an office or a home. The project must correspond to the personality and requirements of the client, so as to satisfy the aesthetic and functional needs.

The concept of arrangement started from the idea of having a kitchen as minimalist as possible, but at the same time to be one with impact.

Calacatta Classic quartz is love at first sight. Customers made the kitchen countertop, edgeband and island from this material. In addition to the fact that they have a very modern and sophisticated look, the works made of this material also offer the following advantages: they are extremely resistant to stress, stains and scratches, they are hygienic and easy to maintain.

Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală Blaturi din piatră naturală