Most natural stones once waterproofed require occasional cleaning to remove dirt and stains.

Before use, each surface must be subjected to specific operations to preserve its appearance and value. Basically, the plates can be scratched, stained, dirty or can absorb the liquids they come in contact with, actions conditioned by:
- Composition (marble and travertine have a calcareous base, and granite made of silicon oxides);
- Degree of porosity (travertine is the most porous, followed by marble and then granite).
At the request of clients or architects involved in construction projects, we take care of carrying out natural stone conservation treatments. Depending on the case, it can be about blasting, waxing, polishing, etc.
In general, whatever the requirements, the care measures take into account:
- Frequent maintenance of waxed and / or polished surfaces;
- Removal of soot, paint, silicone, cement, limestone, rust, etc .;
- Refreshing the initial appearance (beauty, shine, brightness, etc.);
- Protection against oil stains, moisture and any type of dirt or deposition.