2 top materials for outdoor steps in 2022

The beauty and personality of a house are in every detail. Steps are those elements that define the home, and the material from which they are made is very important. Art-Granit recommends cladding the exterior steps with natural stone - Granite or ultra-compact stone - Dekton, materials that give the steps beauty and durability, an original style and low maintenance.

The granite steps are massive and timeless. If we talk about an outdoor product, it is difficult to find material better than granite. Regardless of the weather, the product does not cause cracks or other damage. The strength of the granite is due to the high content of quartz, so that these surfaces can be frozen and thawed more than a hundred times without any consequences. Granite products shine impressively in the sun, are well abraded and polished, are waterproof after installation and do not change their structure or volume. The richness of textures and colors allow you to solve any design challenge.

Granite G603 Polished and Granit G603 Flamed exterior steps

Juparano Colombo Granite exterior steps

Steel Grey Granite exterior steps

​Steel Grey Granite exterior steps

Dekton, being recognized as the most innovative and resistant stone in the world and the only technological stone that has in its composition 100% natural materials, does not contain adhesives or silicates, it is also recommended for outdoor steps.

Dekton Grip + treatment is an additional protective layer that provides the surface with anti-slip properties. Technology applied both for exteriors and for interior cladding, provides maximum comfort, safety and functionality, while protecting the surface exposed to heavy traffic.

Dekton, in any finish, is super resistant to the action of environmental factors, abrasive and corrosive, to freeze-thaw cycles and ultraviolet rays. This material will never lose its charm. It is a stone that can be described by most features. It offers a variety of colors, sizes and thicknesses. It has a special look that delights even the most demanding tastes! In addition to its resistance and durability, Dekton is the most scratch-resistant stone, making it ideal for outdoor projects.

Dekton Blanc Concrete Ceramics exterior steps

Dekton Trilium Ceramics exterior steps

Dekton Blanc Concrete Ceramics exterior steps

Dekton Strato Ceramics exterior steps

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